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A Sheffield Caricaturist

These are some photos from a recent corporate event held at the Millenium Gallery where I was booked by a legal company to entertain their guests for the evening. I was trying out a new pen that night which just didn’t work out as I wanted and so I had to resort to the old reliable type of pen I normally use. Anyway, this was the feedback from the client:

“John was fantastic at the event – both colleagues and staff were very impressed by his drawings and it fitted perfectly with the creative entertainment theme and in particular with the event being held in a gallery! He was truly excellent and we wouldn’t hesitate to book him again for a similar future event – please do pass on our thanks.”

And below are some comments from the guests:

“The chap doing caricatures was very popular, I thought it struck the right level – it was not so distracting that it took away from the event overall or dominated conversation but was entertaining and enjoyable, and people got to take away something at the end of the night which is always a favourite.”

“The artist was a good talking point – a very good choice.”

“Caricature artist was excellent.”