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Another Visualsiation job

This is a rather ‘fuzzy’ photograph of a big board I and a colleague, Jed Pascoe, produced for a large Blue Chip company recently. We call the process ‘Visualisation’ but we could also call it Visual Facilitation or Visual Minutes but whatever you want to call it it’s basically capturing all the key points raised in any discussion sessions and then representing them in a graphic or visual way.  Because of various confidentiality clauses and business etiquette etc. I can’t reveal the Comapany’s identity and may go some way to explain the quality of the photo shown. It took us an afternoon to produce this image which was the result of listening to the conclusions of four groups of 10 people discussing various problem issues for 25 minutes before another four group discussed the same problems for another 25 minutes and so on for the whole afternoon. There were a total of 5 sessions of 4 groups in total –  a VERY full-on afternoon’s work!!

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