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Cartoon and Caricature Exhibition

Along with three other cartoonist colleagues, I am able to exhibit some of my work at the Knutsford Heritage Centre and the exhibition will run until the 22nd December- a really very impressive exhibition space and I’m very pleased to be able to use it. The theme of the cartoon and caricature exhibition was loosely based on ‘Heritage’ and so I decided to exhibit some of my caricatures of past and present British comedians i.e. the Heritage of comedy. The other three cartoonists chose to trawl through their vast archives and chose suitable cartoons on the theme. Below are some photos of the other cartoonists’ work plus the Private View (for which about 40 good folks of Knutsford and the surrounds turned up for):

Above is the work of Roger Penwill

The above photos show the work of Noel Ford

And finally this is the work of Bill Stott.