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Inspector Lewis

Way back in 2011 I had a call from the production team of Inspector Lewis at ITV. They told me that they wanted some artwork producing for an episode where some website owners were putting inappropriate ‘gossip’ and nasty stuff about people up on their site. They wanted some ‘over the top’ images drawing. So I did some work for them which they were happy with and then paid me – even better! I asked if they could let me know which episode they’d be included in and I never heard back so I assumed (like most TV stuff) it had be axed. Then last night I watched an episode on ITV3 and lo and behold there was Lewis looking at a screen with my artwork on it. It was initially transmitted in 2012 but I wonder how many repeats it’s had? I wish I’d know sooner as I could have included it in my DACS (artist reproduction rights) claim!

The second image is here:

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