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This is a caricature of a recent bride and groom at a wedding in Liverpool – lovely couple! I often draw couples at weddings and the bride […] Continue reading →


Giuseppe Verdi

This was a warm-up exercise today and I chose to draw a caricature of the composer Giuseppe Verdi – shame there aren’t more facially […] Continue reading →

This is another batch of caricatures drawn for Virgin Media. Here are some more and another and more   and a lovely lady and another! […] Continue reading →

I wasn’t happy with the earlier caricature of Les Dawson and so I had another go. I don’t know what it is about this guy’s face […] Continue reading →


Bill Connolly

Again, another comedian I’ve had a go at caricaturing and this time it’s the legend, Mr Connolly. I’ll be exhibiting about ten […] Continue reading →

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